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Reducing Business Costs

You will be well aware of the rising costs in business, particularly energy.

Business energy

Energy and utilities provision for business are based on fixed term contracts which are not controlled by the regulator in the same way that domestic consumers are assisted and protected.

Many contracts ‘roll-over’ at their end date, usually imposing increased costs and punitive fees for the continuation of the contract.

Time and effort is needed to select new or renewal contracts on expiry and generally manage these in order to contain and reduce costs in the current economic climate.

Business Telecoms

The telecoms market can be competitive, but only if you can achieve a position where the telecoms providers are actively competing against each other.

Further price reductions can be achieved through high volume discounts, available to telecoms brokers.

Utilise Business Consulting

Utilise provide a no fee service, actively managing all of your business energy and utility contracts. Our services include:

  • Proper termination of your expiring contract, without imposing roll-over fees and costs
  • Inviting a wide range of providers to tender for your new gas, electricity or telecoms services contract
  • Producing a report comparing all bids for you to make your decisions
  • Actively managing your new contract to expiry, for the process to repeat itself

Our services are free of charge and typically,
you may reduce your costs by 25-33%


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