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Why should I use Utilise for my energy?

We are independent from all UK suppliers and have excellent relationships with all of them. Maintaining this wide range of suppliers means we can ensure that they will continue to bid competitively, to your benefit. We work for you, not the suppliers.

Why should I consider changing my energy suppliers?

The simple answer is to save money. In reality you might not actually switch supplier but you will get a better deal from your existing supplier when they are quoting wholesale prices for a contract arranged and managed by Utilise.

Can I manage my own business contracts?

It is perfectly possible for you to manage contracts yourself but it does take considerable time and effort, probably undertaken by your finance department to manage renewals and prevent roll-over, manage the tender process and select and agree your contract and has recently become more complicated with the the changes in regulation.

In a busy commercial environment it’s hard enough managing one supply contract for a single site with one electricity meter, and if you have multiple sites, with dozens or even hundreds of electricity and gas meters, it’s almost impossible to keep on top of things. Furthermore, Utilise have relationships with a wide range of suppliers and we are more likely to get the most competitive bids on your behalf.

What is the ‘roll-over trap’?

The ‘roll-over trap’ exists for commercial gas and electricity contracts. If you fail to give notice at the correct time to your energy supplier, they’ll move you to their penalty rates. These are always more expensive, sometimes representing more than a100% increase and they’ll often be rates you can’t get out of for a substantial period of time. Hence the ‘trap’.

What makes it even harder is that you’ll have different notice periods, falling due on different dates, for different electricity and gas meters. With Utilise managing your contracts, you’ll be reminded at the correct time, and offered new deals that are the best available. You will always remain in control of the process.

Who sends me my bills?

Your bill will come directly from the energy supplier, at the reduced rates arranged through us. We do not supply your telephones, electricity or gas and therefore we do not send you the bills.

So what does Utilise do?

We issue a tender request to companies offering the best energy deals to suit your usage profile in your area. We get the answers back very quickly through our automated system which links us straight to the power companies. You’ll be presented with a written report of the deals available, and offered advice on contract terms. We make the process very straightforward. In summary, we look after your energy costs for you, enabling you to concentrate on running your business.

How do we get paid?

We make money from the savings that these companies make in running their sales teams and customer care departments. What they save in salaries and overheads is paid to us as a commission on the deals we arrange for them. You pay nothing directly to us.

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