Gas Provision

What affects Gas Prices?

Apart from the general rise in costs due to investment, green energy taxes and inflation, your contract can be affected by the date you make the agreement.

We will advise on the best times to tender for your next contract in order to get the best prices.

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Current average saving: 28% off retail, domestic prices.

We offer a full wholesale tendering service for all sizes of gas supply to get you the best rates available.

Utilise will cancel your existing contracts and make sure that it is impossible for your current suppliers to ‘roll-over’ your contracts and put you on to penalty tariffs.

We arrange for all of the main utility companies to tender for your business, usually about 3 months before the end of a contract.

We are totally independent and the choice will be entirely yours, you will see all of the prices quoted – it is a completely transparent process.

We only deal with fixed-price contracts. Our job is to take care of the administration and to negotiate the best possible terms for you.

There are no fees for our service.

Gas Supply Tendering

  • We have relationships with all gas suppliers
  • We are independent
  • Tendering process is transparent

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