About Utilise

No charges, no fees

Relationships with a wide range of wholesale suppliers forces them to compete aggressively for your business.

They, in turn, save their direct cost of sales to businesses – and pay Utilise instead.

The rates we secure for you are almost always lower than if you contracted direct.

You pay no fees to Utilise for our services.

Contact us to start your cost savings process today.


You may be bombarded with calls on a regular basis, misleading you with false comparisons and claims. Cheap introductory offers that, on a variable contract may quickly rise after you’ve signed; reduced-price ‘bundles’ with supermarket points, using only one energy company; even offers of you becoming an ‘agent’ of a pyramid scheme.

Alternatively you may be offered a contract where a large percentage of any savings will go to the broking agent.

Utlise Business Consulting

  • We provide a hassle free, cost-free energy and telecommunications management service
  • We offer impartial advice, independent of any supplier
  • Our service is totally transparent. You see the rates and prices before you decide to sign.
  • The decision is yours and yours only. You remain in control.
  • We offer a unique service to our clients that cannot be matched
  • Irrespective of the size of your business, we offer a service appropriate to your needs

Our business Partners

Utilise partners with Utilitrack for energy procurement and management. Utilitrack’s unmatched relationships with the energy companies enable our customers to get the best deals at wholesale prices, averaging a saving of 28% on retail prices.

Utilise have a partnership with Frontier Voice and Data Ltd., one of the UK’s leading telecommunications companies. We can offer our clients an experienced, extensive and very competitive telecoms service. Our prices are typically between 25% and 33% below standard market rates.

Utilise are:

  • Independent
  • Transparent
  • We get quotes from ALL of the major wholesale suppliers.
  • We offer only ‘FIXED-RATE’, ‘fixed-price contracts’, enabling your business to plan and budget.

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