Telecoms Provision

High usage phone system?

Have you considered the cost comparisons between IP phone systems and fixed line traditional systems?

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We negotiate on a national scale to secure the best infrastructure solutions with the best service (UK based 24/7) and the best prices.

Our customer service and support is provided through our Partnership with Frontier Voice and Data Ltd., a hugely experienced UK-based telecoms company.

We use British Telecom for all of our fixed-line services as we believe that they have the best infrastructure.

Prices are typically 25% to 33% below standard market rates. For mobile, broadband and internet we have arranged volume discounts with all of the major carriers.

We also offer call management service and provision of 0845, 0800 low cost and premium cost numbers.

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Phone and Telecoms

We can provision business contracts for:

  • Fixed line phone systems
  • Mobiles
  • Broadband ADSL, SDSL, T1
  • Phone and IP connected systems

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